Grosse Pointe MI


Grosse Pointe is one of those cities that is kind of in the middle of it all. Located just outside of the city of Detroit, it has all of the access of the big city as well as the culture and dining experience that it has to offer. One of the biggest little cities in the Midwest, what it has to offer goes far beyond that of many other cities in the area. Here you will find more five star restaurants than anywhere in the area and the most luxurious homes and travel you will find in suburban Michigan.

Perhaps it is its proximity to Detroit, but Grosse Pointe is different than many of the other suburban areas. It is a little more centrally located to all of the cultural epicenters of the hub of the Detroit, which is perhaps why there are a bit more business that revolve around luxury and five star dining than in other areas. Don’t get us wrong having serviced the community for more than 20 years, we know what it is like in all different areas of Metro Detroit, but there is just something about Grosse Pointe that is very alluring.

The route you need

We drive all around the city of Grosse Pointe and the metro Detroit area. From the airport to the downtown area and all the way to the sports stadium of your favorite teams, the services we offer ccan get you all over the place and show you exactly what the city of Detroit and the surrounding areas have to offer. It is our pleasure to serve the city and the surrounding suburbs and give people the option to enjoy luxury limo service as well as luxury dining and travel experiences in the Midwest and beyond.